Bookings are accepted till the complete reservation of all the available accomodations. The booking will be considered completed only after the written confirmation given or sent by La Cabaña Srl to the client.

From 4 to 11 pm, with the exception of specific requests to be arranged before the arrival via telephone communication or prior note during the booking procedure (form) or by mail. At the delivery of the keys (check in) a deposit of € 100,00 is requested. It will be returned at the end of the stay, after a general check of the furniture and ambiences used by the client.

Within 10 am of the day of departure. The necessity to prepare the ambiences for the following guests forces us to ask for the release of the bungalow on time. The staff will take care of the consignment of the places, inclusive of the furniture and possible laundry, and at the same time they will care the contextual refund of the initial deposit.   For the accomodations that are not left free by people and things, and not delivered in time, the whole daily quota of accomodation is due, and  the charge of possible consequent damages as the result of the impossibility to assign the lodging.

Bungalows can accomodate from 4 to 11 people. They are located inside a pine forest where the green and an enclosure delimit the confinements of the Village. The bungalows are composed by: double bed room, room with bunk beds, double bathrooms with shower and hair dryer, kitchenette, lunch area, external balcony with table and chairs, external common use barbecue and showers, free WIFI, air-conditioning, winter central heating. Please refer to every single bungalow technical description available in this site in the section (menu) “Bungalows.”

Price is inclusive of the costs related to water, light, gas, TV, hair dryer, tax for turist stay, free diving demonstration, floating doking service, 30% discount on the rental of the available no motor boats, private park (from 8am to 6pm), beach service (parasol + lawn chair + bed).
Pay attention: all the services start on Saturday (arrival at 4 pm) and end on the following Saturday (departure within 10 am).

Please pay attention to recycling trash that has to be collected inside the ecological island located at the beginning of the Village, according to the Municipality’s recommendations.

The costs related to the following extra services are not included in the paid amount for the booking :

Pets: € 55,00 for sanification (admitted previous communication at the moment of the booking);
Deposit: € 100,00 (required) at the initial delivery of the keys of the bungalow, and refund at the departure exclusive of any legitimate retention;
Final tidy up: € 40,00 (required) for the rearrangement and cleaning of the rooms;
Air-conditioning: € 50,00 per week (on demand);
Laundry: (on demand) with weekly change € 10,00 per person (bed or bath); € 15,00 per person (bed and bath);
Extra bed: (on demand) € 40,00 low season; € 55,00 high season (to be agreed at the moment of the booking of the bungalow);
Cradle rental: (on demand) € 40,00 per week (to be required at the momento of the booking procedure); private cradle admitte;
Restaurant convention: (on demand) € 20,00 for adult per meal and  20% discount for babies (from 3 to 12 years old); it includes first course, second course with garnish, 250 ml wine, mineral water, coffee or liqueur.

The booking will be considered confirmed only after the payment of the “deposit for confirmation” equal to 30% of the whole amount for the stay, while the balance must be carried out 30 days before the arrival in structure, on pain of a payment of penalty and the resolution of the Contract and consequent loss of the initial deposit, and possible other reimbursement for further damages suffered by La Cabana Srl.  In the case of one night stay, the amount will be paid in one single solution at the arrival in structure.

The payment must be carried out through Bank Transfer. Bank coordinates will be communicate inside the Contract of Supply of Services, sent by mail to the Client in advance.

The consumer that withdraws from the Contract will be charged, besides the whole rights of registration, of the following penalty:
individual or group stays in structure: 100% up to 30gg. before the arrival in structure.
For all the combinations, any reimbursement will not be granted to whom won’t be present at the arrival time or will renounce during the carrying out of the stay. Any reimbursement will not be granted to whom could not effect the stay for lack, invalidity or insufficiency of the personal documents (ie. identity card, passport etc).

The consumer can be replaced by another person that will satisfy all the conditions for the fruition of the service and consequential relationships coming from the Contract. Communication must be given to La Cabana Srl within and not over 4 working days before the arrival. The subsequent person is solidly forced towards the La Cabana Srl to the payment of the price and the consequential further expenses caused by the transfer.

The organization can totally or partially cancel the Contract without any indemnity, for circumstances of exceptional character. In such a case, the integral reimbursement of the paid ammount is due to the client, excluded every other indemnity.

Every lack in the execution of the Contract must be contested by the consumer without delay so that La Cabana Srl can set the right remedy. The consumer can also send a claim through a legal letter with notice of reception, within and not over 10 working days from the date of the reentry in the place of departure.
The Direction doesn’t assume any responsibility for any kind of problem caused by unwise or incautious use of the areas and the described structures present inside the illuminated Tourist Complex La Cabaña”, particularly for circulating, parked or stopped cars and means and/for the excursions of the guests carried out outside our tructures.  Safety deposit box are not present. Nevertheless, we assure only objects and values if delivered and taken in custody and temporarily accepted in our safety box in firm. What is written on this site is intended as Regulation and approved/accepted at the moment of the Check in of the client.

The inhabited areas are served by video-recording systems with continuous infrared recording. All the recordings are kept in the maximum compliance of the regulations subject of Privacy, as described in the special section of this site named “Privacy and Legal Notes.”

This Contract is regulated by the Italian Law. For every kind of legal dispute the jurisdition will be under the Forum of Catanzaro.

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