Caminia has an enviable geographical position as it is located right in the middle of the most famous tourist destinations in Calabria. If you are looking for sea, mountain, historical places of our ancient culture or places to have crazy fun, no matter what your destination is, La Cabaña is your perfect and privileged point of departure.

Calabria is the region of the thousand naturalistic pieces of beauty and of the historical evidence left as indelible testimony everywhere on the territory. Because of its unique peculiar characteristic, it is possible to cross from the sea to the most elevated mountain in 30/40 minutes time. The specialty of your vacation at Caminia stays in this: sea, hill and mountain on hand!

Around the Caminia Bay

The Caminia Bay reenters in the coastline called “The Saracens’ Coast”, known for its long rocky cliff bending over the sea, rich of caves, reserved small beaches and “small natural tubs” set among rock-cliffs and inlets.

On the right of Caminia (front position) we recommed the Grotta di San Gregorio with its double access from the sea. Right after, the scogliera di Torrazzo, the spiaggetta di Copanello, the scogliera del BLU70 (disco one the sea) and the little spiaggia del Bilbò. Not to miss, the Vasche di Cassiodoro (Vivarium), natural tubs among the rocky inlets in use during the 540 a.C. for fish farm. Right after the most famous and beautiful beach named the spiaggia di Copanello.

On the left side (front position) we suggest the closed off little beach named the spiaggetta sotto la “Casa a fungo” reachable only via sea o through a steep cliff. Immediately after, there is the very famous Scogliera di Pietragrande, with its storical disco on the sea, just like a terrace over the cliff.

Grotta di San Gregorio Taumaturgo
La spiaggetta sotto la casa a fungo
Scogliera del Blu70
La "casa a fungo" di Pietragrande
Spiaggia di Copanello
La scogliera di Pietragrande

Archaeology and History

Parco Archeologico di Scolacium (Borgia) – Distanza da Caminia 6 km circa
Parco Archeologico di Capo Colonna (KR)
Area Archeologica di Kaulon (Monasterace)
Parco Archeologico di Locri Epizefiri (Locri)
Villa Romana di Casignana (Casignana – RC)
Reali Ferriere ed Officine di Mongiana (VV)
Fonderia Ferdinandea (Ferdinandea – VV)
Centrale Idroelettrica del Marmarico (Bivongi – RC)
Eremo di Santa Maria della Stella (Pazzano – RC)

Discovering the most beautiful boroughs

Squillace Superiore – Distanza da Caminia 13 Km circa
Tiriolo ed i percorsi della seta (CZ)
Serra San Bruno e La Certosa (VV)
Stilo (RC)
Gerace (RC)
Pentedattilo (RC)
Stignano e Villa Caristo (RC)

Mountain, excursions and adventure

Parco Nazionale della Sila
Aspromonte Parco Nazionale
Oasi W WF Lago Angitola – Maierato (VV)
Serra San Bruno (VV)
Riserva Statale Cropani Micone – Mongiana (VV)
Monte Sant’Elia – Palmi (RC)
Motta San Giovanni (RC)
Gambarie (RC)
Cascate del Marmarico – Bivongi (RC)
Il fiume Allaro e Grotta del Re – Caulonia (RC)
Cascate e Canyon Valli Cupe – Sellia Superiore (CZ)
Parco avventura “Adrenalina verde” – Serra S.bruno (VV)
Parco Provinciale delle Biodiversità Mediterranee – Catanzaro


Who loves the art and the history

Museo di Scolacium presso Area Archeologica (Borgia – CZ)
MARCA – Museo di Arte Contemporanea – Catanzaro
MUSMA: Museo della Guerra c/o Parco Biodiversità – Catanzaro
Museo Civico Mattia Preti – Taverna (CZ)
Certosa di S. Bruno – Museo Certosino di Serra San Bruno (VV)
MuSaBa – Parco Museo Laboratorio – Mammola (RC)

Le Castella (Crotone)
MUSABA - Parco Museo Laboratorio Santa Barbara - Mammola (RC)
Parco Nazionale della Sila


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